Guess Who is bigger than this pandemic?

Photo by Bart Sokol on Unsplash

Beautiful land, but the people…

They spied out the Promised Land. Twelve Israelites in totality, each a leader from their respective Hebrew tribe. They carried a cluster of grapes on a pole. They also took pomegranates and figs. This fruit was shown to my Israelite ancestors. Then came the report. A negative report. “We cannot attack those people, because they are stronger than we are. All the people we saw there were giant!” This novel strain of coronavirus may seem like a 21st century giant, towering over us. However, two people gave a radically different report. Yahoshua and Kaleb. They said don’t be afraid of the people. “I’m sorry? Did you two spy out a different land? Didn’t you see the Anakim? Amalek? How about the Nefilim? They’re huge! My fear is rational, thank you very much.”

A different Spirit

Yahoshua and Kaleb saw the exact same Land. They saw the exact same giants. They saw the exact same optics that the other ten Israelites spies observed. Yet, why was their rhetoric so different? The ten factored in the variables of the giants and large fortified cities. Yet, Yahoshua & Kaleb added one constant into the equation: Yahweh, The One True God! Yahoshua and Kaleb didn’t ignore the reality, but they made a cognizant decision to walk by faith in Yahweh, not by sight. They even said the giants were bread to them! We see the sobering numbers. We see the deaths resulting from Covid-19. May I ask, however; do we see that Yahweh is Omnipotent?? Do we see that this pandemic, is a grasshopper, in His eyes? How many of us know that no coronavirus can quarantine our Omnipresent Living God? As we prudently wash our hands and social distance, let’s fixate our sights on Yahweh, for He is forever victorious!

Lover of Yahweh. Disciple of Rabbi Yahshua The Messiah. Israelite man. Reader of The Hebrew Bible. Writer.

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