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Pop songs. They’re a beautiful thing, no? We hum them. Whistle them. Rhythmically nod our head to them. Even sing them. Whether we are pitch imperfect or singing on the key of off. While working in retail, I had the awesome opportunity of hearing a kaleidoscope of different artists, instrumentals, bubble gum pop songs, and lyrics. However, one day, something unexpected happened. I heard a pop song that stopped me in my tracks. You may have heard this song too, as it became a staple in the playlist of sugary, memorable pop songs on the radio. Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Jews and Gentiles. Introducing, the great Canadian philosopher: Carly Rae Jepsen.

Oh yeah. As I was carrying out my sales associate and cashiering responsibilities, this song “Call Me Maybe” filled the air. Now I didn’t know this until today, but this song earned our friend Carly some shiny accolades! In 2012, this upbeat tune caught the attention of the MTV Europe Music Awards. Nominate Me, Maybe? They did just that, and Carly won the MTV Europe Music Award, in the category of Best Song.

She also won a Billboard Music Award in 2013 for Top Digital Song. Download Me, Maybe? It seems America did just that. This is awesome. To see someone do what they love and be rewarded for it, is an amazing thing. After all, isn’t that why you and I joined Medium? To monetize our love and passion for writing? This will happen, my keyboard typing pal! How about a social distance high five?

Thank you. I feel the love.

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Now, I am a 29 year old man. Of Hebrew Israelite descent. Perhaps I’m not Carly’s target demographic, right? With that said however, let’s explore the chorus of “Call Me Maybe” that I heard while working. It goes a little something like this. I’ll try to give parenthetical commentary.

Hey, I just met you

(Why Shalom to you, Carly. Nice to meet you.)
And this is crazy

(Yeah I know, right? This Covid-19 pandemic is changing everything, no?)
But here’s my number

(Like, your real phone number? Excellent penmanship by the way. Are you a writer? You should join this site that pays writers for writing. It’s really cool.)

So call me, maybe?

(You know, I’m more of a texting type of guy. Hey, do you live in Canada? My Metro PCS plan may not support those type of calls. But enough aboot me. May we e-mail instead?)

And all the other boys

(Speaking of boys, have you heard of Boyz II Men? They’re really cool.)
Try to chase me

(They sound athletic.)

But here’s my number

(Your Canadian number?)

So call me, maybe?

(E-mail me, maybe?)

Before you came into my life
I missed you so bad
I missed you so bad
I missed you so, so bad

Before you came into my life… I missed you so bad? Now, I’m not the sharpest kosher butcher knife in the deli, but I am puzzled. Is it possible to miss someone before they come into your life?! These are the type of serious, paradoxical, philosophical inquiries, that keep me up at night. In the meantime, let me try it. Medium member reading this, before you clicked on this post, I missed you so bad. I missed you so bad. I missed you so, so bad.

Lover of Yahweh. Disciple of Rabbi Yahshua The Messiah. Israelite man. Reader of The Hebrew Bible. Writer.

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