Photo by Taylor Van Riper on Unsplash

Looking for kosher items at the grocery store, a habitual routine

What?! Everything is closing, but you’re still open, during Covid-19.

Stocking produce, pushing carts, bagging food, and cashiering

Severely underpaid. That must change. For you, I’m applauding & cheering.

Quarantined parents educating their kids. Please.

Don’t mistake this for a lecture.

It took a pandemic for us to realize, the lofty premium of a teacher.

Hiding Yahweh’s Torah in my heart, I want to be blessed. No curses.

It took a pandemic for me to realize, the super-heroic nature of nurses.

The economy at a standstill. Selah. It’s frozen.

Let it go. Let it gooo.

I’m double checking Scripture, as I binge watch The Chosen.

It took a pandemic, for us to stop trying to out-busy each other

For us to stay home and bond with father, mother, sister, brother.

We’ll be better humans after this, no? More loving? More caring?

Or will we recidivate? Parading our sin, becoming more brazen and daring?

Our Creator is speaking.

Yet, why do we give Him a tenth of our time and divided attention?

Will it take a life jeopardizing virus, for us to give Yahweh a mention?

Idolizing celebrities, singers, actors.


Shouldn’t we follow The Messiah, and worship Yah, El Shaddai?

Hopefully, it won’t take another pandemic, for God to reach you and I.

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