My Biggest Writing Distraction Is Me

Yoel ben Yisrael
3 min readApr 14, 2020
Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Shalom. My name is Yoel. I have just met you and I love that you’re reading this. My God Yahweh gave me this passion for writing. Yahweh, The One True God, is forever good, forever Omniscient, and He gave me this love, so that I may write. Youtube!

When it comes to writing, I am my biggest distraction. This feels so liberating to say, because it’s true! I distract myself with Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Yet, once the problem is acknowledged, the solution is nigh, no? I mainly distract myself when I have writer’s block. I notice that these intangibles engender writer’s block:

Fear or self-doubt.


High standards that we place upon ourselves.

Feelings of incompetence.




Lack of structure or self-discipline.

My fellow writers, can you identify with any of the aforementioned items? High standards. Perfectionism. The last hits home with me. Yet I know my God Yahweh will give me self-discipline and self -control. If I may, I would like to share 3 things I personally do, that facilitate me in writing, when a blank white laptop screen, is staring back at me.

First, when I’m stuck, I will peruse the work of other talented Medium writers, who write about topics that I am genuinely interested in. Especially pieces that gain virality and popularity. This includes topics like The Bible, Spirituality, Race, Pop Culture, Film, Movies, Humor, Poetry. This galvanizes me to become better at the art of writing, and I glean tips on how to improve along the way. Want to be great, study the greats, no?

Second, I observe topical news headlines. Now I know. During this time, there is one monotonous headline, that is dominating the 24/7 news cycle. Simultaneously, it would be epic negligence on my part, if I didn’t mention it. That’s right. Zoom backgrounds. I know. I know. I didn’t want to…