Should the Body of Messiah speak on social justice & racism?

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While watching the unfolding aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, I have felt all the feels.

Watching the video made me angry. Seeing my Israelite people in pain made me tearful. Watching talk show hosts discover moments of levity made me laugh. Seeing the rhetoric of Hebrew Lives Matter gain ubiquity across the globe, gave me youthful optimism.

The Silent Treatment

To be fair, I have seen one dear non-Israelite brother break his silence, commenting on the George Floyd homicide and racism, during his exegesis of a Torah parashah. Yet, Al McCarn seems to be an anomaly. An exception to the rule. For the past two Sabbaths, I’ve been ruminating as to why people in Messianic/Hebrew Roots circles have been mute. Maybe they don’t know what to say? Maybe Israelite and Gentile shepherds alike, don’t want to come off as inept, incompetent, dismissive, or insensitive?

Rabbi’s Radical Reconciliation

After praying to Yahweh, The Hearer of Prayer, this has been downloaded into my spirit:

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My Prayer

My prayer is that all of us in the Body of Messiah, starting with myself, will start having proactive conversations about racism. My plea to Yahweh is that we will start having candid conversations about white supremacy. My petition to El Shaddai, is that we will converse about microaggressions, implicit bias, xenophobia. My request to Yah, is that through His Holy Spirit, we will break our collective silence, and speak Yah’s Word into all situations, following the perfect paradigm of our Rabbi. Perhaps Yahweh called us out of darkness, into His Wonderful Light, for such a time as this?

Lover of Yahweh. Disciple of Rabbi Yahshua The Messiah. Israelite man. Reader of The Hebrew Bible. Writer.

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