Zo Hayes
Shalom Zo! Perfect peace be upon you, sir. Thank you ever so much for reading, engaging, and commenting. I don’t mind long responses at all, especially when they are thought-provoking and cerebral like yours! Thank you pleasantly for the compliment, Zo. Hakol milemala (That’s Hebrew for it’s all from Above). Yahweh has given me a perennial love and passion for writing. I love it! I just have to remember to lift my head up and socialize with my fellow budding writers, like yourself. Haha.

Hip-hop is very interesting; I may have to do a piece on it, couching it in the light, love and truth of Scripture in futurity. I love seeing Yahweh wake up my dear Hebrew people, like Kendrick Lamar. May I ask, would you mind unpacking the issues you face, as an American citizen? If you’d rather unpack it in a piece, that’s kosher too! Some doctrines that 1 West Israelites espouse can be highly problematic, so I apologize for that. My prayer is that Yah will heal our identity crisis on a national level. Romans 9:1–5. I’ve always loved us, but my love for us deepened exponentially, once Yah revealed to me that we are His chosen people, according to Scripture.

Thank you again for your brilliant comments, Zo! Looking forward to engaging your writing. Also, love the medium pun you used. Haha!

Lover of Yahweh. Disciple of Rabbi Yahshua The Messiah. Israelite man. Reader of The Hebrew Bible. Writer.

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